Order Process

Before you start you will need:

  • A valid spectacle prescription
  • Your Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement
  • A mirror to check your face shape and features
  • Some gold and silver jewellery to check your skin tone
  • A credit card to make your payment

  • Step 1: Choosing your frame

    What is your face shape?


    • Short from top to bottom with full cheeks and a rounded forehead and chin.
    • Choose narrow frames and angular shapes to make your face look longer

    round face

    oval face


    • Longer than wide, with hifh cheekbones and rounded forehead and chin.
    • Choose anything you like as all styles will complement your face shape.


    • Narrow eye line and jawline with wide cheekbones in the middle.
    • Choose top-heavy oval and rectangular frames.

    diamond face

    heart face


    • Wider forehead and cheekbones that narrow down to a small chin.
    • Choose balanced or bottom-heavy frames but avoid anything wider at the top.


    • Broad, long forehead and a wide, square jawline.
    • Choose oval or round frames.

    square face

    rectangle face


    • Longer than wide, with a square forehead and jawline.
    • Choose pilot styles or square frames.


    Additional Pointers

    Look at the bridge of your nose

    This is where your glasses will site
    A high nose bridge starts above your pupils. if you have a high bridge, look for frames with a bridge at the same level as the brow line.

    high bridge

    A low nose bridge starts at or below your pupils. If you have a low bridge, look for frames where the bridge is below the brow line.

    low bridge

    Note how wide or narrow your nose bridge is and try to choose a frame with a similar shaped recess.
    Look at your skin tone and hair colour.

    Do you have a cool or warm skin tone?

    If silver jewellery looks better against your skin, you have a cool skin tone.
    If gold looks better, your skin tone is warm.

    Your skin tone and hair colour can help you decide which colour frames to choose.

    • Cool blonde – grey, pink, purple, blue
    • Warm blonde – coral, peach, pine green, red, amber, white
    • Cool brunette – cool green, purple, blue, black
    • Warm brunette – light brown, pine green, red, amber, white
    • Red hair – brown, green, red, gold, black
    • Grey hair – red, blue, black

    Click on your chosen frame to move on to the next step.

  • Step 2: Adding your lenses

    Select one of the three options to choose your lenses.

    Upload the prescription now

    Then you will have some further options

    • Clear for everyday use according to the vision types such as Distance (driving & TV), Reading (Books, Smartphone & Tablets) and intermediate(Computer (Approx arm’s length), Speedometer in Car).
    • If you are unsure about your vision you can still choose an option called “I Don’t Know” (You must upload the prescription and we will help you out).
    • Click on your chosen lense to move on to the next step

    Email the prescription later to info@harryseyewear.com

    Buy Frame only

  • Step 3: Uploading your prescription

    First take a picture of your prescription using your smartphone, tablet or digital camera.
    Make sure the photograph is clear, readable and includes the full prescription with no parts covered or cropped out.


    On your phone or tablet:

    • Press the Upload Prescription button
    • From your photo album, select your prescription photo and upload it


    On a computer or laptop:

    • Download your prescription photo from your digital camera to your computer
    • Click the Upload Prescription button
    • Locate the photo file and upload it


    By email:

  • Step 4: Reviewing your shopping cart

    Your shopping cart will show a list of everything you’re about to buy.

    Check the list carefully to make sure you have everything you need, in the right quantities

    If you are paying extra for your lenses, these will be listed separately. A quantity of 1 is for a pair of lenses.

    If you wish to add further items click the ‘Continue Shopping’ button at the bottom.

    When you are ready click the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button

  • Step 5: Adding your payment information

    There are four stages to this process:

    1. Your personal information
    2. Your addresses – for billing and delivery
    3. Your chosen shipping method
    4. Your payment information
  • Step 6: Receiving your new glasses

    Your new glasses will be delivered to your chosen delivery address within 10 days